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Aramex Records and Information Management Solutions

At Aramex records management is so important that we have a fully owned subsidiary, InfoFort, dedicated to delivering a wide range of information and records management solutions.

InfoFort continues to develop secure, innovative and customized Records and Information Management solutions for different industries. These solutions cover the full information lifecycle ranging from Secure Document Storage, File Storage & Management, Document Scanning, Document Capture to Electronic Document Management Systems, Workflow Management & Automation reaching to secure and certified document shredding and data destruction services.

InfoFort offerings also include Information Management consultancy, Cloud Backup-as- a-Service, Media / Tape vaulting & Rotation as well as Fixed Assets Management and Business Intelligence.

Secure Document Storage and Management Solutions

Our customized and reliable Document Storage, File Storage and Management Services tackle the painful areas that most organizations have in managing their documents (active or inactive) and provide reliable and Secure Solutions to help your company successfully outsource the complex Records and Document Management cycle while ensuring the best level of security, confidentiality, accessibility and compliance.


Document Scanning and Capture

Our extensive and large scale technical and project management expertise allows us to develop and maintain leadership within the Document Scanning, storing and management industry.

Today our projects handle hundreds of millions of documents and images within our Document storage, Scanning & Capture Solutions offering which cover Documents Conversion, OCR, ICR, Micrographics, Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche Scanning, forms processing, and moving hundreds of clients to a Paperless Office and an organized Electronic Archive System.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS, ECM)

enVision, the leading Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in the industry, provides a comprehensive solution for managing the creation, capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, and disposition of records and information assets for hundreds of clients serving more than 200,000 users across the region.

Compliant and certified with the industry and international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and TS 13298, enVision’s conceptual design was built to support the best usage of information in an intercorporate communication environment and provide additional modules such as Electronic Forms Processing & Automated Workflow Management. More...

Media / Tape Vaulting and Rotation

Given today’s circumstances, business continuity and resilience are on the top of executives agendas. It is not enough to back-up your data anymore. InfoFort Media / Tape Vaulting and Rotation service will provide your company with the peace of mind needed knowing that your Back-up Media or Tapes are secure, well preserved and immediately available when needed.

Cloud Back-up- as-a- Service

Back-up- as-a- service is a cloud storage service that will mirror your backup data to an offsite secure data centre. It seamlessly extends onsite existing backup software deployments, creating a hybrid onsite/cloud solution that enables you to quickly recover data over the local area network and the storage area network (LAN/SAN), while also providing complete offsite protection against site disasters.

Secure Shredding and Data Destruction

Our secure data destruction services provide comprehensive green solutions for data security and disposal of retired or outdated IT assets, such as servers, hard drives, PCs, laptops and others, in line with international and environmental security standards

Furthermore, InfoFort's Documents and Records Shredding Services are done in a secure manner to make sure that confidentiality is maintained at all times.